Lighting Services

Give your venue a glow..

Room Lighting

We obtain unbelievable satisfaction from adding bright, beautiful color to the natural beauty of a space. Lighting has the power to transform even the dullest of venues into a truly breathtaking sight. We offer 3 foot LED bar or par uplights that can be set to any color of the rainbow at just the press of a button. We will set up, tear down, and use our expertise to light up your venue with bright beautiful color. We take great care in maintaining our uplights like no other company in Alberta, so we can always assure that our equipment works perfectly for your event.

3 Foot LED Uplights

  • Red Backdrop Uplighting


Par 64 LED Uplights

  • Red Wall Uplighting


*Prices above do not include GST*

Dance Floor Lighting

Without the proper ambiance, music is just sound. Our dazzling lights will flawlessly transform your ordinary event into a memorable experience. Dance floor lighting is important when trying to keep your guests interested in the night’s entertainment – our state of the art intelligent lighting will always do the trick. Every Calgary DJ package includes an LED 4 Bar, which is calibrated to change color with the beat of the music – a necessity for a tight and professional looking party. Our lights are sure to amaze your guests with their precise timing and beautiful colors!









*Prices above do not include GST*

Extra Effects

If you are really interested in achieving a ‘wow’ factor at your party, you may want to look into adding special effects. This can create an unbelievable and unique atmosphere for your dance floor. To give your party a ‘high-energy’ look, try one of our colorful lasers. A fog machine gives a great club effect for any venue – and we can even take it one step further with a ‘dry ice’ low lying fog – an amazing “extra” for those special and memorable occasions. Your dance floor will be rocking up until the wee hours of the night!

Wireless Microphone

  • Wireless Mic-01

Bass Subwoofer

  • Bass Bin-02

Projector & Screen

  • Projector and Screeen-01

Custom Gobo

  • gobo

*Prices above do not include GST*